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What are the makers of Rick And Morty trying to say?

Justin Roeland and Dan Harmon, creators of Watch Rick And Morty Season 2 Episode 5, seem set to co ntinue to surprise viewers. After the end of the second season, and contrary to the expected of a short animated series (the duration of each episode does not exceed 22 minutes), everyone was surprised by a small announcement at the end of the last episode of the second season announcing the emergence of the third season after a year and a half instead of every year, as usual from those The quality of the series that continue to show every year except for casual reasons.

As the year and a half passed and the third season of Rick And Morty began, the episodes were expected to continue up to 22 episodes like any short comedy series of the same quality, but once again everyone was surprised after the tenth episode of the end of the third season. The biggest surprise was the announcement that the fourth season would be on display only after another two years! Unlike other series such as The Simpsons and Family Guy, the makers of this series preferred to pay attention to the quality of the episodes at the expense of quantity.

Rick And Morty belongs to the category of cartoon series targeting adults. It is not an innocent animated series, but discusses many controversial topics that are not suitable for young people such as philosophy, religion, politics and science. The satirical comedy nature of the series makes it not without the utterances, sexual hints and some bloody scenes of violence contained in a satirical comedy. All this marvelous mixture made the series achieve high viewership despite the recent production compared to the series, for example, The Simpsons, which is close to 30 years since the show began, and made some wonder whether the goal of the series Rick And Morty is only ridicule and more ridicule of everything? Or are there other things that the series tries to say through this facade of irony?
Some have already tried to analyze Rick And Morty’s purely philosophical analysis, such as the famous Wisecrack YouTube channel, and have not been interested in other factors that can be summarized in the following levels.

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Rick and Morty are the main characters of the Back To The Future film series, but despite the similarities between Rick and Duke, who represent the rocking old world between genius and madness, and Morty and Marty, who are young and inexperienced teenagers. . However, the turn of events in the series is quite different from the film series. The films had a very positive message and used the idea of time travel as a metaphor for man’s desire to correct the mistakes of his past and to have a better future for him and those around him. The series uses other elements of science fiction as well as through time – such as the theory of multiverse – to make fun of everything on the tongue of the old Rick, but is behind this sarcasm something else?

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