5 Ways To Ignite Your PC’s Performance Without Spending A Dime

5 ways to ignite your PC’s performance without spending a cent

Is your PC slowing down? Or maybe it crashing more and more, Well if that’s the case it just might because your PC is suffering old age! Yes that’s right just like people PCs suffer from the aging process too and Free Full PC Games.

But there’s good news

But unlike people you can actually turn back the aging process and bring your beloved PC back to life. All it takes is a couple of easy to follow tips to ignite your PC’s performance to full speed again.

Just follow these easy to follow steps:

System configuration utility
Even when your computer’s sat there doing nothing it could be running at least 50 programs! These are programs that a munching away at your poor old CPU and not to mention having a right good go at your memory as well. The reason for this is because over time the more stuff you install the more crap that builds up and even if you don’t even use that program, there’s a damn good chance that it’s running in the background.

To see what I mean hit CTRL +ALT + DELETE then press the processes tab. It will show you how many processes that are running in the background.

1. To solve this little dilemma just go the Start or Run for XP owners, and type MSCONFIG.

2. The System configuration will appear and from in there go to the STARTUP tab.

3. Once you’ve selected the STARTUP tab you’ll be presented all the programs that are running in the background of your PC. What I would recommend is turning everything off apart from your anti virus.

If you do see anything what you do want on for example MSN massager by all means keep it on but the more you have running in the background the more it’ll sap your PC’s performance and will also affect you’re your Boot times as well.

System configuration utility part 2
Now still hanging around in the System Configuration Utility, go to the second tab called SERVICES and go to and untick the HIDE ALL MICROSOFT SERVICES. We’ve got to do this (unless you’re a bit more experienced) because if you go and turn one of Microsoft’s services you could just mess your entire PC up and we don’t want that do we.

Once you’ve unticked the box you should be just left with all the non Microsoft services.

once again I would recommend to turn them all off but the anti viruses services. Once you’ve decided what and what not gets the chop click apply and you’re done.

Performance Options
Depending on which OS (operating system) your using, this could make or brake it. If your using Windows Vista? I would recommend turning some the visual effects of especially on the lower end systems. However if your using XP, the performance will be less impressive but I believe every ounce of performance is crucial. Besides, you won’t even notice half of these switched of anyway.

Now as much as I would love to tell you how to get to these options, the ways to get there are very different when compared to Vista and XP. So a way around this (and probably a cop out as well) I’ll just tell the vista owners to type in PERFORMANCE into the search bar, select PERFORMANCE INFORMATION AND TOOLS and click ADJUST VISUAL EFFECTS and you’ll find your way there.

For XP owners read on:

1. Go to Start, Control Panel and select PERFORMANCE AND MAINTENANCE.

2. Then ADJUST VISUAL EFFECTS you should find yourself there.

Now I would recommend turning them all off barring the last one. The last one keeps the modern Windows feel which I personally like but hay, everyone’s different.

A fast Hardrive is a empty hardrive. So if you’ve got an hardrive full to the brim, delete the programs and games you don’t need to speed up your Hardrive and watch those boot times fly!

Tip: If you’re a gamer (like me) What you can do is save the save game file and uninstall the full game. This way you can get the wanted gigs of space back but not lose your place on Crysis. Cool eh.

Now there’s hundreds of other tips I wanted to share with you but I wanted to keep this article as short as possible to prevent you been bord to death. but the ver last thing I would do to my PC once I finish optimizing it is to defrag it.

Now your probably thinking that yes I already know that James. But what I would recommend doing is using a different defragger especially if your using the dreaded Vista defragged.

Now as you’ve probably gathered, I can’t stand Vista’s defragger, I think it’s actually a step backwards, not a step forward. But what really annoys me about it is that you have no idea how long it will takes and how defragmented your hardrive is.

But don’t worry, because I’m going to show you to download a much better one that Vista’s own shoddy attempt. Auslogics Disk defragger is its name and I think you’ll find it quick and easy to use and it seems to do quite a good job as well.

And another thing.. It’s completely free to download games as well. Just Google “Auslogics Disk defragger” and you should find it in no time.

Garbage In Its Place

There is nothing worse than seeing garbage processing down the road of your neighbourhood, or finding broken shards of glass at the native pond wherever kids play. Wildlife is simply as liable to the garbage and plenty of have lost their lives when turning into tangled in waste or misinterpretation garbage for food. It is up to each of us to make an effort to minimize this unsightly, and sometimes hazardous, problem. Check this Article about Green Car Tips

Animals, wind and traffic breezes place legs to lose garbage and arable to distribute it nice distances from the first supply. The first thing that we can do to prevent this is to ensure trashcan and dumpster lids are secure. Metal and plastic trashcans are more preventative than bags – leaving a bag out overnight or even for several hours, is an enticing invitation for stray animals to wreak havoc. When taking a load to the dump, make certain that it’s firmly linked by tight attachment a canvas over the load with some rope or rope cords.

Carry plastic searching luggage on your walks to wash up litter that you simply notice on the means. Often, people are rewarded for their efforts by the deposits returned from bottles and cans. Those who have detected your efforts can begin seizing an equivalent habit once they understand the impact it’s.

Report any merchandising you witness, whether or not it had been done illicitly or accidentally – simply get the identification number and leave the remainder to the officers. Also, report any web site wherever garbage has been left by others. These issues may be according to the native town, highway, structure or conservation workplace. Ask them to rearrange for it to be clean up.

By doing these comparatively little actions, we prevent contamination and injuries to people or wildlife in the area. When separating utile things, we keep a valuable resource out of the landfill. In addition, we maintain a pristine environment for citizens, tourists and wildlife to enjoy. We can all pride oneself knowing that by keeping garbage in its place, we tend to are creating the planet simply a bit higher for everybody. and Also Check this link to help you how to go green at your home

The Best Movies Of 2019 To Date

2019’s best movies to date: With so many ways to watch movies, there’s no reason to wait until the end of the year to find out what to watch. This is the simple idea behind this list of the best 2019 movies to date, which will be constantly updated and carefully reorganized throughout the year in the form of new titles displayed at film festivals and sites on Netflix and other local film streaming services.
I will do my best to keep you updated on the latest mega and small films you should look for. Whether you are horror films about terrifying children or well-studied documentaries about catastrophic music festivals.


When the street hedgehog competes for the love of a beautiful princess, he uses magical power in the genie to make himself a prince.

The Addams Family

An animated version of Charles Adams cartoon series about a strange family.


A couple travels to Sweden to visit the legendary Midsummer Festival in the countryside. What begins as an ideal haven quickly turns into competition.

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

While Hiccup is fulfilling his dream of creating a peaceful development utopia, Toothless’s discovery of his miserable.


The life story of Elton John, from his years as a miracle at the Royal Academy of Music through his strong and influential musical partnership with Bernie.

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

Five years after the events of the first film, and the peaceful life of the people of the town, they discover that they are facing a new danger

Dark Phoenix

X’s men have to face the full force of Jane Gray after a failed space mission.

Toy Story 4

Go friendly and go on an adventure together to find the game that broke away from the rest of the games by giving it to someone else.


Members of the free old tribes face problems because they are different, wrestle with their desire to be loved, and eventually discover it.

Captain Marvel

Carol Denver turns into one of the most powerful superheroes in Marvel’s world at the same time as Earth is gravitated between.

Spider-Man: Far from Home

Peter Parker faces problems in his unsuccessful personal life while fighting a wonderful businessman named Adrian Tomis and a magician.

What Men Want

One woman has always been marginalized in her work by male sports agents, and if it acquires an unexpected advantage yet.

Avengers: Endgame

After the devastating events of Avengers: Infinity War 2018, the universe is in ruins due to the efforts of Mad Titan and Thanos.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

The film follows the relentless efforts of a secret animal association when faced with a host of monsters, including one.

The Kid Who Would Be King

A group of children embarks on an epic quest to thwart the menace of the Middle Ages.

The Lion King

Simba expected the crown prince and his uncle plans to remove him from the throne in an attempt to exile him after the death of his father King King Simba recognize Timon.

Velvet Buzzsaw

Big money artists and large collectors pay a heavy price when art collides with trade. After discovering a series of paintings by an artist.

Terminator: Dark Fate

Sarah Connor is back from a distance, preparing for a team of customers who will fight the T-1000.


Baker Del is a fishing boat captain driving tours off a quiet tropical enclave named Plymouth Island. But his quiet life fades away, when.

Gloria Bell

Gloria is a free divorcee, spending her days in an office job and evenings on the dance floor, leaving clubs across Los Angeles.

Dora and the Lost City of Gold

Dora, a teenage explorer, leads her friends on an adventure to save her parents and solve the mystery behind a lost gold city.

The Goldfinch

A boy in New York is taken from a rich family on the Upper East Side after his mother was killed in a bombing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Pokémon: Detective Pikachu

Smith’s father is kidnapped, and the teenagers have to form a team with Detective Pikachu (Ryan Reynolds) to find him.

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Rick And Morty Season 4: Release Date, Trailer, Cast and More

It’s been always since we’ve gotten an opportunity to bounce into another system with Rick and Morty Season 3 Episode 3, however our hold up is practically finished.

In the event that you’ve been living under a carport based lab for quite a long time, Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty pursues a hyper and imprudent researcher named Rick Sanchez, who’s burned through 3 seasons being an agony in his family’s posterior. Specifically, Rick’s attempted to liven up things for youthful Morty, who’s excessively anxious and hazard opposed for his granddad’s trickeries.

Be that as it may, it’s been some time since those three seasons disclosed, to a limited extent because of drawn out contract arrangements between Adult Swim and show co-makers Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland. Luckily their new arrangement secures the pair for an astounding 70 new scenes, which is more than double the 31 scenes that included seasons 1 through 3.

Release Date Of Rick And Morty Season 4

We have a month (November 2019), however not a date. In any case, we should pause for a minute to consider the hold up among today and season 3’s October 2017 finale. It’s the sort of thing that incenses fans and even humiliates show-sprinter Dan Harmon, who disclosed to Entertainment Weekly “I believe it’s sheltered to state unafraid of being off-base that the hole between seasons 3 and 4 will be the longest and last time that it’s long that it’s ludicrous.”

And keeping in mind that Harmon conceded that he can’t make solid guarantees, “I don’t have a clue how quick we can do it,” the Community maker utilized his next breath to state “I realize it will never be this long again.”

How is Harmon so sure? He trusted that “it is organized into our arrangement that in case we’re going solid and quick there are alternatives to convey more scenes one after another.”

Where will Rick and Morty season 4 aired?

While those in the U.S. will keep on getting Rick and Morty fall into difficulty on Cartoon Network’s late night Adult Swim obstruct, the arrangement is on different systems for those around the globe. Channel 4 will remove Rick and Morty from Netflix’s hands for Season 4, however Aussies will keep the show on their Netflix revolution.

Well, Do Rick And Morty Season 4 Has A Trailer?

Truly and no. While a clasp appeared at San Diego Comic-Con 2019 prodded another character (more on that in a minute), the nearest thing we’ve gotten to a genuine season 4 trailer was this very concise minute where the pair declare the Nov. 2019 release window.

Who Will Join In Rick And Morty Season 4?

At San Diego Comic-Con 2019, we discovered that darling chief Taika Waititi (Thor: Ragnarok) is going to join the Rick and Morty voice cast in season 4. In a clasp, we heard him voice Glootie, a six-peered toward purple outsider who sports hooks and an enthusiasm for making applications. Glootie’s interning for Rick and helping him build up a dating application.


Watch Rick And Morty Free Online

What are the makers of Rick And Morty trying to say?

Justin Roeland and Dan Harmon, creators of Watch Rick And Morty Season 2 Episode 5, seem set to co ntinue to surprise viewers. After the end of the second season, and contrary to the expected of a short animated series (the duration of each episode does not exceed 22 minutes), everyone was surprised by a small announcement at the end of the last episode of the second season announcing the emergence of the third season after a year and a half instead of every year, as usual from those The quality of the series that continue to show every year except for casual reasons.

As the year and a half passed and the third season of Rick And Morty began, the episodes were expected to continue up to 22 episodes like any short comedy series of the same quality, but once again everyone was surprised after the tenth episode of the end of the third season. The biggest surprise was the announcement that the fourth season would be on display only after another two years! Unlike other series such as The Simpsons and Family Guy, the makers of this series preferred to pay attention to the quality of the episodes at the expense of quantity.

Rick And Morty belongs to the category of cartoon series targeting adults. It is not an innocent animated series, but discusses many controversial topics that are not suitable for young people such as philosophy, religion, politics and science. The satirical comedy nature of the series makes it not without the utterances, sexual hints and some bloody scenes of violence contained in a satirical comedy. All this marvelous mixture made the series achieve high viewership despite the recent production compared to the series, for example, The Simpsons, which is close to 30 years since the show began, and made some wonder whether the goal of the series Rick And Morty is only ridicule and more ridicule of everything? Or are there other things that the series tries to say through this facade of irony?
Some have already tried to analyze Rick And Morty’s purely philosophical analysis, such as the famous Wisecrack YouTube channel, and have not been interested in other factors that can be summarized in the following levels.

Ways To Watch Rick And Morty Season 2 Online

Rick and Morty are the main characters of the Back To The Future film series, but despite the similarities between Rick and Duke, who represent the rocking old world between genius and madness, and Morty and Marty, who are young and inexperienced teenagers. . However, the turn of events in the series is quite different from the film series. The films had a very positive message and used the idea of time travel as a metaphor for man’s desire to correct the mistakes of his past and to have a better future for him and those around him. The series uses other elements of science fiction as well as through time – such as the theory of multiverse – to make fun of everything on the tongue of the old Rick, but is behind this sarcasm something else?